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HMR’s New Website Design Has Now Gone Live!

HMR’s New Website Design Has Now Gone Live!

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We are very excited to officially announce the launch of our new website design!

You can find us at www.hmrlabs.com

With the launch of HMR’s brand new website, our aim behind the redesign is to create a clean, interactive browsing experience for current and prospective clients. By improving the structure of our content, it has never been easier to find information on the pharmaceutical services provided by HMR Labs.

We have also introduced some new content to the website, including real images of our dedicated, hard-working team members and a brand new ‘News’ page, where we will constantly be updating you with important company announcements, updates on what conferences we will be attending, as well as the latest information in the pharmaceutical industry. We invite you to connect with us on Twitter and Linkedin to stay up to date on our news.

The new website design offers you a chance to discover the techniques HMR can offer you such as liquid and gas chromatography, inhaled product testing, as well as raw and finished product materials testing. Furthermore, HMR has extensive experience in pharmacopoeial testing (Ph.Eur., BP, USP and JP) and have a range of specialised glassware, equipment and fully trained analysts able to offer a comprehensive compendial testing service. Many years of experience enable us to develop and validate analytical methods for all dose forms to current ICH guidelines.

Also, HMR can provide a full range of microbiological services, including microbial limits, preservative efficacy, bacterial endotoxins (LAL), identification of contaminants, bioburden experiments, environmental testing and evaluation of disinfectants and biocides. We are also able to provide a full ICH stability service from the preparation of protocols, management of sample storage and pull points, compliant analysis to preparing reports and trend tables.

We hope you like the new website design and if you have any comments/feedback, please get in touch!

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